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IoT Device Management

Simplify and automate the management of your Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Leverage the power of Ubuntu Core and your IoT app store to deliver long lasting projects. We provide the technology and infrastructure to securely manage and maintain your fleet.

Whether you need to manage a globally distributed deployment or devices in a strictly controlled environment, we have a solution for you.

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Securely manage your IoT fleet

  • Onboard new devices

    Securely authenticate and add new devices to your managed IoT fleet. Connect them to your private app store with built in cryptographic protection. Control the access to your edge data and interfaces for all of your devices.

  • Reliable over-the-air (OTA) updates

    Benefit from over-the-air updates that are transactional, allowing devices to roll back to a stable state if a failure occurs. Deliver application and operating system updates as deltas, minimising bandwidth consumption and associated costs.

  • Organise your fleet

    Use device groups to control application workloads by hardware and device function. Curate software bundles for different scenarios. Roll out updates on your terms.

  • Integrate with cloud solutions

    Deploy and manage your workloads from a public or private cloud of your choice. Reduce the complexity of your stack and optimise your IoT pipeline.

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Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core is an all-snap version of Ubuntu engineered for IoT and mission critical applications. It is optimised for security and reliable updates. With a significantly reduced attack surface, Ubuntu Core is tamper resistant and hardened against corruption. It is easy to deploy and manage, allowing you to run your workloads consistently across a wide range of hardware.

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IoT App Store

The IoT app store is a dedicated, private, and customisable platform for your applications. It’s enterprise-ready and primed for efficient software distribution. It lets you utilise a huge range of our existing apps or build your own. Having a managed app store gives you role-based access controls, application versioning, OTA updates, controlled software rollouts, and much more.

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We work closely with our customers to solve complex problems together. Our talented engineers are experts in IoT and are well-qualified to provide guidance to both smaller businesses and larger enterprises. Share your story with us and let’s work together.

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