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Managed IT Services

Cut your operational costs and fill in your skill gap

55% of IT budgets are spent keeping the lights on. Our managed services help you direct more resources towards innovation and R&D, accelerating your cloud journey from months to weeks.

Embrace a business-centric IT that cuts down costs, drives innovation and eliminates nonstrategic hiring or training.

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Managed private cloud

A frictionless cloud journey

Building your private/hybrid cloud puts you at the centre of innovation. Whether you're transitioning to the cloud or already running a fully operational one, it is important to structure a business-centric IT that helps your organisation focus on innovation, cut down costs and realise the benefits of the cloud.

A recent Gartner report shows that the biggest infrastructure and operations challenges facing CIOs are insufficient skilled resources and managing the technical debt. Our managed services allow you to focus on your business strategy, fill any skill gaps and offload the technical complexity of cloud operations.

Human Resources Management

Increase labor efficiency through access to qualified, experienced cloud engineers for your operations. Leverage your IT engineers’ capabilities to prepare your business for the future.

Cost Efficiency

Cut your operational costs and direct your budgets to advance your business. With the straightforward pricing model, you don’t have to predict and prove anymore.

Automated Operations

Reduce operational burdens with outsourcing and automation of day-to-day operations. Complexity does not scale with your cloud.

Experience & Consultation

Use best practices and expert-level business consultancy to achieve your goals as fast as possible. Better economics with the rapid time to market.

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Operations can be smarter

Smart operations don't consume your budgets. They help you and your team focus on the value creation, spending more time and effort achieving your business goals. In-house IT engineers are better positioned to prepare your IT for the future – let them do more driving and less firefighting.

Freedom to choose

Your cloud must be designed to scale from day one. It should allow your IT the flexibility to grow and give you freedom of choice. Run containers on top of OpenStack, integrated with your database and observability layer in a hybrid or a multi-cloud environment – all managed for you.


Operating your cloud services at scale is an important success factor. Experts in each component of your cloud are required 24x7 to keep it running. Our global team of technology experts provides you with 24x7 reliable operations.

Predictable Costs

You can’t improve what you can’t see, so we provide you with better visibility to give you more control over your cloud performance and costs.

We build a robust cloud solution for you with all the dashboards for logging, monitoring and alerting to give full visibility and predictive capacity planning to avoid surprises.

Optionally Transfer

On request, we will hand over the keys to your cloud. The plan is to help you upskill your team and build efficient operations – with no lock-in, no hidden costs and no friction.

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Canonical as your managed service provider

Canonical is not a typical managed service provider (MSP). At Canonical, the teams managing your cloud are working side by side everyday with the teams developing, maintaining and supporting the open source software you use. This guarantees resolution of any issues or bug fixes associated with your cloud service in the shortest possible time.

Business-centric IT

You drive your business, we manage your cloud infrastructure and applications. Expand globally without hiring a global team.

Reliable and robust

Guaranteed 99.9% production-grade SLAs and best practice solution design. Have your cloud managed by technology-specific experts.

Flexible pricing

Transparent pricing to suit your needs and help you grow your cloud with predictable costs.

Security first

Industry wide security best practices and compliance certifications to keep your cloud secure at all times.

Simple open source

Cut down your operations costs by up to 50% and consume open source without complexity.

No lock-in

Build a flexible and agnostic cloud with no lock-in and leverage a simplified open source approach. We give you the keys when you are ready to drive.

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Cut your cloud operational costs by up to 50% and build a business centric IT department focused on driving your business.

Managed OpenStack

Deploy Kubernetes on bare metal, public cloud or on top of your OpenStack, and maintain your focus on developing your cloud native applications.

Managed Kubernetes

As easy as the public cloud, just more economical. Fully managed open-source software-defined storage, with a proven reference architecture, that can be customised for your needs.

Managed Ceph

Managed Applications

Focus on your application layer and offload the dependencies with Canonical's managed platform services that provide predictable pricing from the industry leaders in Open Source.

Managed Applications

Managed Observability

Best-in-class open-source monitoring tools for your cloud native applications and infrastructure. Reliable, powerful and always there when you need them.

Managed observability