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Ubuntu IoT and device services

Ubuntu is the new standard for embedded Linux development and the intelligent edge. Get ten years of security coverage and a dedicated app store for your smart connected devices.

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Get to market quickly with IoT services

Time to market is crucial. Canonical will validate or enable your hardware, package your apps, set up your app store and prepare your device image. It's everything you need to get your device to market fast. App store and over-the-air security updates guaranteed. You can also choose from our extensive list of certified boards and boxes.

IoT and device professional services packages


From $50,000

Let our Linux experts help you ensure the success of your application packaging on Ubuntu.

Enjoy Snapcraft 101 training, snap store services, device fees and support for one year for up to 1,000 devices; deployment services (excluding proxy deployments); and either the packaging of up to three application snaps (subject to approval) or equivalent consulting hours for clients that wish to do the packaging themselves with help from our top-notch Linux experts.

Snap creation service


Get three critical apps containerised as snaps by Canonical experts, using best practices and focused on your business and technical needs.

Get access to a workshop to review requirements dependencies, outline optimal containerisation strategy, snap containerisation, and publishing on your own App Store.

IoT App Store setup

From $5,000

Get your own dedicated app store set up, including role-based access controls, complete control of application versions, over-the-air (OTA) updates, and controlled rollouts.

Choose from either our hands-off SaaS edition or our fully air-gapped on-prem edition to suit your business needs.

IoT app store fees not included.

Rapid Prototyping Services

From $10,000

Get a rapid Proof-Of-Concept (POC) image based on the Ubuntu kernel, which includes necessary drivers to initialise and run your hardware and chosen peripherals.

Includes a workshop to review requirements, image customisation, and generation, as well as the initial deployment of the image on one of your devices.

Workshops, training and consulting

Make the most of Ubuntu for devices with our executive workshops on digital strategy and connected devices. Take control of your own roadmap by empowering your developers to deliver apps and upgrades to your global fleet of devices.

IoT and device professional services packages


$2,400 per day

Get access to remote engagement with Canonical experts in board and SoC enablement, snap development or Ubuntu management. Consulting will address topics directly related to Snap Store, Brand Store, Snaps, and Ubuntu Core, as well as help you onboard our technology as part of your complete product lifecycle.

For pre-launch integration we recommend our packaged professional services for fixed pricing and delivery schedule commitments.

Snapcraft 101 training


Deliver your applications as snaps for high-reliability updates, global content distribution, canary rollouts, bandwidth efficiency and strict security confinement.

Learn about snap design and security, and how to package your existing apps as snaps. Setup continuous integration, testing and delivery pipelines to your fleet. Two days of training over four sessions.

Dedicated Snap Store – SaaS edition

Manage and build applications using your dedicated IoT App Store.

Your private, white-label Snap Store includes role-based access controls, complete control of application versions, over-the-air (OTA) updates and controlled rollouts for $15,000 per year. We enable integrators and resellers to operate app stores on behalf of their clients.

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Dedicated Snap Store – On-premise edition

Control snap distribution inside your firewall. Cache snap traffic for network efficiency.

The on-premise Snap Store enables your administrators to control snap updates and upgrades. Ensure that all device traffic goes through a managed communications channel using the Snap Store proxy. Allow devices not connected to a public network to operate smoothly and receive updates in Airgapped Mode, with the additional option to sign applications locally.

Get your App Store

SoC, board and device enablement

Give your SoC, board or device a custom kernel that's proven compatible with the public Ubuntu LTS kernel, for wide application compatibility and developer productivity.

Board enablement services

Ubuntu applications depend on a wide range of kernel features such as security modules, filesystems, and container primitives. Ensure that your device kernel meets Ubuntu application expectations with a Canonical-built custom kernel. Canonical delivers a custom kernel matching a standard Ubuntu LTS release or interim release with a path to the next LTS.

Ongoing testing and security updates

Canonical will perform continuous security maintenance and testing on your board. When a security issue is fixed in Ubuntu, the fix will be tested on your board. These security updates will be published to the snap store for use on your device. Update Control can be used to require additional testing and validation by your team before these updates are automatically applied to your devices. Testing will cover kernel and base system debs and snaps, along with any board-specific and app-specific tests you specify.

Add-ons to board enablement services

Full disk encryption

Enable full disk encryption with hardware key management and optional key escrow. Choice of ciphers and hardware acceleration for minimal performance impact. Essential for devices with personal information in regulated industries.

Secure boot

Enable secure boot, ensuring that the device will only run its certified workload. Hardware key management devices such as the TPM are used to validate each stage of the boot process, for enhanced assurance of the integrity of the running OS.

Certification of boards and devices

Guarantee long-term security, application compatibility, support and operational consistency with the Ubuntu Certified logo for enterprise-grade devices.

Long-term automated Canonical testing of every update and security patch ensures devices perform reliably over the full lifetime of the certified Ubuntu LTS release. Certified devices must run a Canonical kernel. We require four units of every certified board or device for continuous testing. In the case of devices built with existing certified boards, running their standard certified kernel, we reduce this requirement to two devices.

Certification for devices that include pre-installed snaps can include validation of the integrity of those snaps.

Get your board or device certified

Security updates

Annual device fee covers app store services and over-the-air (OTA) updates, with 10 year expanded security maintenance for kernel, Ubuntu OS and your pre-installed applications. Get updates as frequently as you need them.

Please note that pricing below is tiered, and each tier is charged separately.

Number of devices, from Number of devices, to 1 year 6 months 3 months 1 month 1 week 48 hours 24 hours 6 hours
0 20 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
21 1,000 $3.19 $4.90 $7.63 $12.00 $18.99 $30.17 $48.07 $76.70
1,001 2,500 $2.18 $3.29 $5.05 $7.87 $12.38 $19.59 $31.14 $49.61
2,501 6,500 $1.53 $2.24 $3.38 $5.20 $8.11 $12.76 $20.21 $32.13
6,501 15,000 $1.11 $1.57 $2.31 $3.48 $5.36 $8.36 $13.16 $20.85
15,001 40,000 $0.84 $1.14 $1.61 $2.37 $3.58 $5.52 $8.62 $13.58
40,001 95,000 $0.67 $0.86 $1.16 $1.65 $2.43 $3.68 $5.68 $8.88
95,001 250,000 $0.56 $0.68 $0.88 $1.19 $1.69 $2.50 $3.79 $5.86
250,001 615,000 $0.48 $0.56 $0.69 $0.89 $1.22 $1.74 $2.57 $3.90
615,001 1,500,000 $0.44 $0.49 $0.57 $0.70 $0.91 $1.25 $1.78 $2.64
1,500,001 4,000,000 $0.41 $0.44 $0.49 $0.58 $0.71 $0.93 $1.27 $1.83
4,000,001 9,500,000 $0.39 $0.41 $0.44 $0.50 $0.58 $0.72 $0.95 $1.30

Annual price per device based on device volume and update period

Emergency updates are always available, regardless of the contracted update frequency. The free tier enables you to ship Ubuntu Core free of charge and receive unscheduled updates when bandwidth allows, or on-demand for emergencies.

For the first 20 devices, you can test Ubuntu Core free of charge and receive unscheduled updates.

Regardless of the contracted update frequency, you can always perform an on-demand (emergency) update for an additional fee, anytime you need it. The cost of an emergency update is dependent on the device volume.

Ubuntu device support for manufacturers

Access Canonical engineering support for customer device engineering and development teams.

Support for device manufacturers enables access to Canonical engineering and techops teams to help troubleshoot and resolve issues in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Core. It covers kernel, device integration, base OS, snap security and update mechanisms, networking, communications and graphics.

During the duration of the contract, Canonical will provide technical support for any Ubuntu image provided to the Customer or any standard release of Ubuntu when installed using official sources and within its life cycle. The life cycle for each version of the Ubuntu image(s) is specified here.

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Canonical Embedding programme

Are your devices running Ubuntu Desktop or Server?

Treat every device on your fleet as a first-class server-grade managed asset, with monitoring, security, role-based access controls, and application lifecycle management. The Embedding programme includes:

Learn more about the Embedding programme

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