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Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi

Your gateway to open source invention

A tiny machine with a giant impact. The Ubuntu community and Canonical are proud to enable desktop, server and production internet of things on the Raspberry Pi. In support of inventors, educators, entrepreneurs and eccentrics everywhere, we join the Raspberry Pi Foundation in striving to deliver the most open platform at the lowest price, powered by our communities.

Get Ubuntu for the Raspberry Pi

Watch the Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Desktop intro video ›

Canonical OpenStack

Full Desktop experience

Work, web and software development, done

Raspberry Pi 4 brings the graphics, RAM and connectivity needed for a Linux workstation.

Follow the tutorial ›

Mission-critical platform for industrial-grade Pi

The RPi Compute Module is built for production

When your invention turns into a product, the Raspberry Pi compute module is a hardened, industrial grade system-on-module that provides the brain for a range of hardware from robots to racks.

Take the Pi to production with Ubuntu Server LTS and Ubuntu Core with a decade of security updates.

Read the Ubuntu Core security whitepaper

Leverage snaps
Leverage snaps

All of open source

Every aspect of modern compute at your fingertips

Open source is the new normal for software innovation - from cloud to edge, containers to IoT, from AI/ML to robotics, from self-driving cars to nanosats, the biggest companies in the world are building on open source and making it better too.

MicroK8s for Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi Tutorial ›

Build a Raspberry Pi homelab with LXD

Your ARM exploration starts here

Same OS, whole new world

The Raspberry Pi is an ARM instruction set computer, just like your Android or iOS phone, and the next generation Mac. This feels just like Ubuntu on a PC, but under the hood you have a whole new approach to architecture and devices.

Download and install Ubuntu Server