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Celebrating smart innovation

Our customers transform industries with Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core in industrial applications

Bosch Rexroth reinvents automation

Bosch adopts Ubuntu Core and snaps for app-based ctrl-X industry 4.0 platform. ctrlX AUTOMATION leverages Ubuntu Core, designed for embedded devices, and snaps - the universal Linux application containers - to deliver an open source platform that removes the barriers between machine control, IT and OT.

Bosch Rexroth adopts Ubuntu Core and snaps ›

Rigado cuts customers’ time to market with Ubuntu Core

In the fast-paced world of IoT, being able to reduce time-to-market is a priority. Rigado’s core mission is to provide scalable and secure infrastructure for their customers’ commercial IoT deployments.

Rigado cuts customers’ time-to-market with Ubuntu Core and AWS ›

Azeti uses Ubuntu Core to improve deployment and security

Security is fantastic in Ubuntu Core - it's a self contained system that houses all the libraries. The Ubuntu stack is read only, isolating it from interference from the outside, that's really important for industrial environments, it prevents people from changing anything vital.

Florian Hoenigschmid, Director of Product Management, azeti

Azeti uses Ubuntu Core to improve deployment and security ›

AZLOGICA utilise Ubuntu Core for agricultural IoT solutions

Learn how Azlogica, a Latin American IoT company, turned to Ubuntu to help their client, Oceanos, to maximise shrimp production and revenues using Ubuntu Core and Dell Edge Gateways.

AZLOGICA utilise Ubuntu Core for customised IoT agricultural solutions ›

IMS Evolve adopts Ubuntu Core to provide IoT-enabled business intelligence in the supply chain

IMS Evolve has delivered rapidly scalable IoT Solutions to the world’s largest food retailers, from their refrigeration systems to their petrol filling stations. Overall, IMS Evolve’s systems monitor 25 million data points every minute of every day, and manage almost 98,000 sites across 12 countries.

Ubuntu Core in robotics

Small Robot Company sows the seeds for autonomous farming

In Europe, the cost of running a cereal farm – cultivating wheat, rice, and other grains – has risen by 85% in the last 25 years, yet crop yields and revenues have stagnated. And while farms struggle to remain profitable, it won’t be long before those static yields become insufficient to support growing populations.

Small Robot Company sows the seeds for autonomous and more profitable farming ›

Cyberdyne keeps cleaning robots up-to-date in the field with snaps

As Japan’s workforce ages, certain roles are being supported by advanced robots to help bridge the gap. Cyberdyne, a Japanese robotics company, are building such robots and have rolled them out into shopping centres and Tokyo’s two main airports.

Cyberdyne keeps cleaning robots up-to-date in the field with snaps ›

SmartDrone fast–tracks drone infrastructure revolution with Ubuntu Core

The number of use cases for industrial drones has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Being aware of the market potential, SmartDrone decided to take its current surveying and mapping drone solution to the next level.

SmartDrone fast-tracks drone infrastructure revolution with Ubuntu Core ›

Ubuntu Core in digital signage

Screenly innovates IoT fleet management for secure digital signage

Originally having relied on home-grown infrastructure to deliver over-the-air (OTA) patches to devices in the field, Screenly needed a better way to manage its fast scaling and distributed IoT fleet. After a comprehensive market evaluation, Ubuntu Core stood out as the ideal fit.

Screenly innovates IoT fleet management for secure digital signage ›

Cinergy makes significant digital signage saving with Screenly Pro and Ubuntu Core

Cinema entertainment centres (CECs) are an all in one venue incorporating cinemas, restaurants, bowling and other activities such as escape rooms and are a growing market. Find out why they turned to Screenly Pro and Ubuntu Core to help with their content management needs in such a marketing driven business.

Cinergy makes significant digital signage saving with Screenly Pro and Ubuntu Core ›

Learn more about Ubuntu Core in digital signage ›

Ubuntu Core in consumer applications

Future-proofing Fingbox, the home network monitoring device

Fing App is a network scanning and troubleshooting tool used by millions. Fingbox is a complementary hardware device which plugs into Wi-Fi routers to monitor, secure and troubleshoot networks and their connected devices. Fing's engineering team built Fingbox using Ubuntu Core and Snaps to speed up development time, save on budget and resources, and to ensure a future-proof product went to market.

Future-proofing Fingbox, the IoT home network monitoring device ›

How Domotz streamlined provisioning of IoT devices

I absolutely believe that Ubuntu Core and snaps give us a competitive advantage. We are the only company in the IoT network management space that can guarantee a secure, always-up-to-date device for our customers’ on-premises deployments.

Giancarlo Fanelli, CTO, Domotz

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