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Ceph solution design and delivery

Fixed-price Ceph implementation, with consulting packages tailored to your needs.

Right size your Ceph solution for performance, capacity and budget with help from our team of experts.

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Ceph implementation challenges

Designing an optimised storage solution for any use case requires expert level knowledge, and many years of experience.

Common questions that arise during design and build:

  • Which deployment tooling should I use?
  • Which version of Ceph should I install?
  • What CPUs, Memory, Disks, NICs should I buy?
  • How do I configure my network?
  • Which workloads are suitable for Ceph?
  • Can I use Ceph for traditional workloads too?
  • How can I secure my cluster?
  • How can I prepare for Disaster Recovery?

Canonical's Ceph consultants can help guide you through these and many other questions related to deploying a cost-effective and fit for purpose Ceph storage system for a fixed price.

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What consulting services are available?

Canonical offers two Ceph cluster consulting packages, Ceph Cluster Build (CCB), and Ceph Cluster Build Plus (CCB Plus). CCB is a basic package to get your Ceph cluster up and running in a simplified configuration, and CCB Plus offers more consulting time to evaluate your needs and customise the deployment architecture as required.

  • Fixed-Prices

    Both packages are provided as fixed price services, therefore all project costs are transparent and predictable.

  • Workshops

    Both packages include a workshop for team introductions, requirements gathering and architecture discussion and design. The workshop for CCB is provided remotely, and CCB Plus is provided on-site.

  • Workload assessment

    During the workshop, our consultant will assess your existing infrastructure (be it on-prem, hybrid, or public cloud based), to ensure that the architecture design meets the needs of your applications.

  • Cluster design

    Working jointly with your team, we design the Ceph cluster to meet your requirements. Providing guidance around hardware and configuration options.

  • Cluster delivery

    Once your hardware is stood up, we test it end-to-end, ensuring all components are functional, and the networking is correctly configured. Then we build the cluster, validate it, and finally benchmark it's performance before your data is onboarded.

  • Workloads migration

    Optionally, we can assist with data migrations from other storage systems. We partner with market-leading companies that can assist with minimally disruptive migrations.

  • Repeatable artifacts

    On conclusion of the engagement we provide a detailed deployment guide that enables repeatable re-deployments of your cluster, and perform a formal handover process to your team, or to our Managed Service team.

  • Day-2 automation

    Charmed Ceph provides automation around common tasks, such as cluster scaling, integration and Ceph upgrades.

  • Optional training

    If required we can deliver Ceph training courses to your team to familiarise them with Charmed Ceph.

Ceph Cluster Build pricing

Ceph Cluster Build

$25,000 fixed price

Design and deployment of an Object only Ceph cluster based on Canonical’s reference architecture.

What's included: *

  • RADOS Gateway (RGW) Object storage interface (S3 compatible)
  • Hardware guidance and sizing
  • Hardware and Network Reference Architecture
  • Containerised control plane
  • Observability stack
  • High availability

Cluster capacity up to 650TB RAW**

Ceph Cluster Build Plus

$50,000 fixed price

Design and deployment of a multi-protocol Ceph cluster, based on a custom architecture tuned to your needs.

What's included: *

Everything in Ceph Cluster Build, plus:

  • RBD Block interface
  • CephFS file storage interfance
  • Custom scale-out architecture
  • Capacity planning
  • Storage-oriented networking
  • Transparent caching
  • Multiple storage pools
  • Data encryption at rest, with integrated Key Management
  • Security hardening and compliance

Cluster capacity up to 3.6PB RAW**

* Additional features, functionality and integrations are available via add-ons

** Higher capacity clusters available via add–ons

Companies using Ceph

There are multiple users of Ceph across a broad range of industries, from academia to telecommunications and cloud service providers. Ceph is particularly favoured for its flexibility, scalability, and robustness.

Notable Ceph users