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Did you hear real-time Ubuntu is now generally available?

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Powering robotics in every industry

Develop, deploy and maintain your fleet of robots with Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu is all your robot needs

We provide you with the essential infrastructure to easily, securely, and reliably deploy your robots

Our open source tools help you:

  • Keep your robots up-to-date efficiently and cost-effectively with over-the-air and low bandwidth updates that include failure rollback.
  • Comply with cybersecurity requirements with built-in security tools and security maintenance.
  • Reduce engineer intervention and operational costs for software maintenance.
  • Accelerate software development, including unparalleled flexibility in development, device driver and cloud services.
  • Improve the user experience in robotics with increased stability, security, and reduced downtime.

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Bringing Ubuntu's worldwide infrastructure to your robot

Deploying a robotics solution?

For more than a decade, Ubuntu has provided the best development environment for robotics developers. Your team can easily build and securely deploy their devices with Ubuntu Core, an operating system optimised for IoT and edge devices, and Snaps, fully-confined embedded containers. For low-tech device management, the IoT Snap Store enables developers to unlock a reliable and widely-used update infrastructure that's ideal for robotics applications.


Ubuntu is an open-source operating system. For more than a decade, Ubuntu has supported key robotics open-source projects, such as ROS, PX4, Autoware, Open-CV, PCL, and more.

Every aspect of the development process benefits from Ubuntu's responsiveness, ease of use, regular software updates, lightweight nature, and a high degree of security.

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Snapcraft is the command-line tool for packaging your software as a Snap. Snaps are containerised software packages designed for embedded applications, with increased performance compared to other technologies. Snaps give you all the interfaces you need to bundle your dependencies in one package, while providing secure interfaces to access the host disc and privileged resources.

Learn more about Snapcraft

IoT App Store

Canonical's IoT App Store enables developers to host and manage software updates for their devices. It provides a trusted update infrastructure, including reliable over-the-air updates, secure authentication, CI/CD integration, and more.

Companies can create either a public or private marketplace, where applications can be managed by developers and contributors.

Learn more about IoT App Stores

Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core is an optimised version of Ubuntu for edge devices. It brings a reliable software management infrastructure, including independent, transactional, and delta updates for the OS, kernel, and applications. It provides advanced security features, such as secure boot and strict confinement.

Ubuntu Core uses the same kernel, libraries, and system software as classic Ubuntu, resulting in a smooth transition to production.

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Robotics software updates

Unlock a reliable infrastructure for compressed, transactional, signed, and secure updates

With Ubuntu Core and the Snap store, full containerisation means:

Learn more about OTA updates for Ubuntu Core ›

Robotics security

Comply with cybersecurity requirements with in-built security for your device

With Ubuntu Core, in-built security means:

Learn more about cybersecurity with Ubuntu ›

Learn about our solutions

Enterprise services for robotics companies

Deploy robust platforms with our enterprise services for robotics companies and provide a production-grade solution to your customer.

Our services allow robotics companies to reduce overhead costs and operational expenses for deployment, maintenance, security and support. Our services for robotics companies include:

Device Enablement and Maintenance

Your own production-grade image in our testing infrastructure

Embedded applications depend on the kernel, drivers, libraries, file systems, and runtime environment. How can you guarantee that your robot will continue working after critical security upgrades to the base kernel and the OS?

Our Enablement services allow you to get a production-grade Ubuntu image for your robot, while our Maintenance services guarantee that any security update won't break your device.

No regressions, no surprises.

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ROS Enterprise Support and Security Maintenance

Hardened ROS with 10-year security in partnership with Open Robotics

ROS ESM is a service that provides security maintenance for your ROS distribution, EOL, and non-EOL, providing you with security fixes for your core ROS dependencies.

In partnership with Open Robotics, maintainer of ROS, ROS ESM also includes ROS enterprise support: a 24/7 support centre to request fixes to core ROS libraries.

No more neglecting security updates or waiting for fixes.

Learn about ROS ESM

Canonical Embedding Programme

Are your devices running Ubuntu Desktop or Server?

Treat every device on your fleet as a first-class server-grade managed asset, with monitoring, security, role-based access controls, and application lifecycle management. The embedding program includes:

Learn about Embedding

Robotics Security Compliance

Security updates will become your ally

Whatever cybersecurity framework you have chosen, including ISO 27000, NIST, PCI, or CIS Controls, Ubuntu helps you stay compliant and reduces your operational risk.

Access automation for hardening and compliance profiles, such as CIS and DISA-STIG, as well as the FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certifications.

Learn about security certification

Ready for all boards

With partners across the industry, we are creating a new kind of embedded OS for hardware platforms. Work with certified hardware to minimise your startup costs and time to market.

Download the optimised OS for your robotics boards

Raspberry Pi

Xilinx Kria SOMs


Or check the full list of Ubuntu certified hardware and find the right one for your application.

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Roll out your robots with Ubuntu Core.

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