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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is moving out of standard support in April 2023.

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Smart things as a service

  • Bring your IoT devices to market in no time with our IoT Professional Services
  • Focus on your apps, we handle the rest
  • Fast to market, low risk, and scalable

Canonical offers full-service enablement, customisation and development to get your first device to market. App store and security updates guaranteed.

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Simple choices

We've standardised and accelerated your journey to market.


  • Extensive support for x86 boards (Intel NUC family and more)
  • Extensive support for ARM boards (Raspberry PI, NXP, Xilinx, Qualcomm, and more)
  • Upcoming support for RISC-V boards
  • Wide variety of peripherals supported, with more added every week


  • App embedding
  • Strict application isolation for security
  • Tamper-proof containerisation
  • Automatic over-the-air (OTA) updates

App store

  • Private branded IoT app store
  • Secured, hosted and managed
  • Global CDN for software delivery
  • CI/CD pipeline integration

Software updates

  • Choose suitable update frequency
  • Automatic roll-backs on failure
  • Metered billing
  • Single secure source of updates


  • Knowledge transfer workshops
  • Product trainings
  • Engineering consulting


  • 24/7 tech support - there when you need us!
  • Ticket resolution
  • Long term commercial partnership

Flexible add-ons

  • Hardware enablement

    Bring up Ubuntu Core on any Linux-capable hardware

  • Secure boot

    Secure the boot chain for your devices

  • Full disk encryption

    Secure data at rest for privacy and confidentiality

  • High-availability Kubernetes

    Build resilience into your appliance

  • Run your favourite containers

    Run snaps natively, but also Docker is supported

  • Support for AWS Greengrass, Microsoft Azure, and more

    Fitting your needs like a glove

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