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Fully managed Kubernetes

Cost effective, on demand, container orchestration

Focus on your applications while Canonical builds and manages your Kubernetes clusters. Run your Kubernetes anywhere with a flexible pricing model. Take back control whenever you are ready.

Kubernetes Managed Service Provider

Kubernetes-as-a-service from our team of experts

Predictable economics

Predictable pricing model that gives you the flexibility to run Kubernetes on VMs, bare-metal or public cloud. Our predictive capacity planning helps you prepare for the future and grow your workloads without any spikes.

Customisable clusters

We work with you to design the Kubernetes you need, anywhere. We deploy it and manage it for you. We will scale it up to accommodate any traffic peaks, just let us know you're adding more nodes! We'll remotely test the hardware and expand your cloud with zero downtime.

Transfer control

Our goal is to accelerate your Kubernetes adoption and help you optimise your operations. On request, we'll give you back the keys when you want to drive. No hidden costs, no lock in. We can even provide training on demand to help get your team upskilled. Once you have control, we provide 24/7 enterprise support for your cloud.

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They trust us to run their K8s

Leave the Kubernetes complexity to us

Our 2021 industry report revealed the main challenges businesses face when moving to cloud native technologies:

Our managed Kubernetes service allows you to:

  • Build a vendor agnostic open source Kubernetes, no lock-in
  • Maintain your business focus
  • Fill in skill gaps within your IT
  • Hire and train strategic roles only, eliminating the need to keep the lights on
  • Expand your operations globally without having to build a global team
  • Minimise risks with our security first approach
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The most sophisticated management system

Canonical Kubernetes is built from the ground up following best practices and according to your needs using our Kubernetes consulting packages. Free up your teams for strategic activities, as we manage it 24/7. We will provide you a full set of analytics on the health of your cluster and ensure it stays up-to-date and secure.

Care–free SLA

  • Enterprise SLA for your cloud, upgrades included
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime. All cluster components are highly available and proactively monitored to minimise unplanned downtime.
  • Scale on demand with additional nodes. We will remotely test new hardware and scale your Kubernetes with zero downtime.
  • We develop the technology, we know how to fix it in the shortest possible time.
  • Our operations are certified, and under regular independent audits to meet and exceed the industry standards for quality and security.

Kubernetes monitoring and analytics

  • We build a robust cloud solution for you that provides dashboards for logging, monitoring and alerting.
  • We actively monitor your Kubernetes 24/7, providing observability, alerting, capacity planning and continuous service checks to ensure your cloud stays healthy.
  • We provide proactive management and visibility to help you gain a clear predictability over the costs, avoiding any surprises.

Security and compliance

  • Every Kubernetes cluster built by Canonical is always upgradable to newer versions. Absolutely no snowflakes!
  • Zero downtime upgrades. Canonical guarantees upgrades to newer versions of Kubernetes on request. Nobody else does.
  • Regulatory compliance, ISO 27000 certified, GDPR compliant, SOC2 Type 2
  • MSP Cloud Verify certified - the only managed service provider certification program accredited worldwide
Watch our webinar “How to manage risks with top 1% managed service providers” ›

Multi–cloud ready

We recommend a multi-cloud operations strategy for the best mix of latency and price across both fixed and variable workloads. Canonical is a leading partner for all major public clouds, so we provide cloud-neutral advice for both private and public operations. The right location for a workload should be driven by economics, not habit. Give yourself the freedom to choose.

Supported clouds

Managed IT services in a single hand–shake

Full stack support

As the publisher of Ubuntu, Canonical uniquely supports the full stack. Complex problems in cloud infrastructure require analysis and fixes all the way down to the kernel. With us, there are no loose ends. The teams managing your clouds are working side by side with the engineers developing your clouds.

Flexible infrastructure

Metal as a Service (MAAS) enables flexible lifecycle management of operating system loads on physical servers and VM hosts. Choose between the most popular Kubernetes CNIs, such as Calico, Flannel and Multus, or the widest range of SDNs if you're running on top of OpenStack. Use proven software‐defined storage like Ceph and Swift, or integrate your existing SAN.

App–store included

Operate standard software workloads exactly the same way on public clouds and on-prem, using Kubernetes. Benefit from a large portfolio of open source applications that can easily be integrated with your cloud.

AI/ML ready

Canonical OpenStack and Kubernetes are ready for your Machine Learning enabled applications. Trusted by leaders in the industry, Ubuntu provides the best basis to run AI/ML frameworks.

Managed Kubernetes resources

Talk to our Kubernetes experts about building and operating your cluster.

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