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Powering the future of automotive with open source

Build smarter vehicles, factories and business models.

Trusted by major automotive companies, Canonical delivers a full suite of open-source solutions and services that help you deliver security, safety and innovation for digital transformation in automotive.

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Build in-vehicle solutions

Ideal for software-defined vehicles

The best operating system for all your needs

Remove complexity and improve compatibility with a secure OS that speeds up deployment and management.

Canonical is joining forces with Elektrobit to pave the way for software-defined vehicles.

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Learn more about our partnership with Elektrobit ›

Next level experience

Consumer expectations are relentless. Give them an ever-fresh experience with built-in security and reliability.

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Support for autonomous cars

Every leading team in the self-driving race runs Ubuntu. Give your developers a fast track to prototype, test and deliver the software for autonomous cars.

Crunch data. Develop algorithms. In-car, on-premises and on-cloud.

Run AI/ML computations for digital twin simulations with Ubuntu on your HPC cluster.

Deploy clusters for rapid digital design, validation, crash testing, and aerodynamics.

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Safety-critical & Mixed-criticality ECUs

Canonical is part of the SOAFEE consortium as well as the Eclipse SDV working group, which are at the forefront of defining the reference architecture for mixed-criticality and safety.

Canonical is also contributing to ISO26262 to enable automotive functional safety.

Vehicles need to have the fastest response time to guarantee functional safety. With Real-time Ubuntu, our Linux kernel integrates PREEMPT_RT and guarantees low-latency response time.

Read more about Real-time Ubuntu ›

Top rated security. Best-in-class isolation

Secure boot, full disk encryption and signed software packages guarantee system integrity.

Ten year security maintenance for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), efficient container confinement and kernel livepatch for rapid rollouts in critical situations.

Compatible with all major architectures

We optimise Ubuntu for all major silicon architectures, so you can choose the ECU platform that fits best.

Develop on Ubuntu today and pick your platform later.

Handle devices and updates remotely

Fully over-the-air device management

Compressed, transactional, signed and simple OTA

Update any system, any device, any day. Future-proof your fleet.

Full OS containerisation means transactional, atomic updates. Data snapshot backup and restore. Signed software integrity. Compressed delta updates.

Complete control. No delayed patches, no partial updates, no unauthorised ECU software.

Snaps and App Store

Snaps are app packages that are easy to install, secure, cross-platform and dependency-free.

Snaps include all required dependencies, so that your apps and processes work flawlessly on all platforms without any required modifications.

With Snapd, app maintenance is seamless and automatic.

You can build, publish, deploy and update easily on any ECU running Linux.

Learn more about snapd ›

Industry 4.0: deliver solutions beyond vehicles

Optimise factories and dealerships in automotive with open source software

Automated factories, smarter robots

We offer a complete portfolio of enablers, so you can drive digital transformation and continuous improvement with app-centric factory automation.

Monitor inventories. Spot defects. Manage warehouses. Optimise supply lines. Anticipate downtime and improve your overall process using optimised workflows.

Thanks to MicroK8s and Kubernetes, you can benefit from the most flexible solutions throughout the value chain.

Build the dealerships of the future

Our offering allows you to handle more data, wherever it comes from.

Whether you want your data on the cloud or locally, we guarantee safety and quality detection with real-time edge computing when needed.

Accelerating on Ubuntu

Preferred by developers

Ubuntu is the preferred OS for developers, at 66% of working professionals – and growing.

Empower your team and attract the best talent.

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Software-defined vehicles: what's the future?

Learn how open-source automotive options can boost the industry's shift towards SDV.

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Check out our webinar on real time Linux and security in a shifting automotive industry.

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Learn more about SDV shift challenges.

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