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Unifying the IoT Edge

Accelerate the development of secure and reliable edge applications with EdgeX running on Ubuntu.

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What is EdgeX?

EdgeX Foundry is a highly flexible, scalable and vendor-neutral open-source framework hosted by the Linux Foundation that facilitates the development of data collection, analytics and cloud connector services.

With a plug-and-play distributed microservices software architecture, the applications act as a cloud-to-edge middleware.

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Micro clouds for edge computing

Deploy secure, reliable and high-performance edge applications at scale

Whether you are building an industrial gateway, an edge AI/ML application, a monitoring system, or any other product that requires data acquisition, analytics and cloud connectivity, EdgeX Foundry is the perfect solution to develop your application.

Running EdgeX on Ubuntu as snaps provides the required security and reliability to deploy and maintain applications at scale.

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Leverage the power of an edge computing integrated OS and framework

Developers love EdgeX

EdgeX is open source and supported by a growing community of developers and vendors creating an ecosystem of interoperable components, which makes it the de-facto framework for building edge computing applications.

A wide range of networking APIs and SDKs simplify the integration with EdgeX. With the help of configurable connectors, it is even possible to integrate with zero code.

Why EdgeX?

Tunnel drones, going where man cannot

Ubuntu is the world’s number one desktop and cloud Linux operating system, and among the top 3 global PC Operating Systems. Developers can run the exact same underlying operating system on their desktops as they do on their servers, in the cloud, and on IoT devices with the same software packages available on all versions of Ubuntu.

To deploy IoT and edge applications at scale, just develop them on Ubuntu Desktop and deploy them on Ubuntu Core, the OS tailored for the IoT.

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Integrated framework

EdgeX Foundry integrates seamlessly with Ubuntu, with a growing list of services being published and maintained as snaps by Canonical. Developers can rely on a reliable, secure, and continuously updated system, benefiting from the transactional bullet-proof OTA updates provided by the Snap Store.

Supported for your device lifetime

When used in conjunction with Ubuntu Core, EdgeX comes with up to 10 years of maintenance, receiving security updates that fix critical bugs and CVEs.

Cut costs and trim time to market

Time and resources are the most valuable assets of your organization.

  • With EdgeX, you can just focus on developing your application.

  • Let Canonical take care of the underlying operating system.

  • Get Canonical’s premium services to accelerate the time to market either with custom or pre-certified hardware.

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Security, intelligence and blistering speed

Furiously fast

  • Build a smarter edge. Save your cloud for later.

  • Lower latency by moving cloud workloads to the edge.

  • Run complex workloads like AI/ML with more data.

Patently private

  • Smarter edge apps mean secure workloads can stay at the edge.

  • Keep data on the device and process information locally.

  • Minimize exposure of sensitive data to networks.

Built like cloud-native

  • A modern and curated IoT platform with one API for seamless out-of-the box operations.

  • Modular and containerised microservices.

  • An ecosystem of developers and vendors.

You can't go wrong — literally

  • Silicon and software. OS and cloud. Language and protocol.

  • EdgeX remains agnostic to them all, so you can accelerate to market.

How to get started with EdgeX

  1. Set up your device

    You need either Ubuntu Core or a version of Linux supporting snaps.

  2. Set up your device

    snap install edgexfoundry
  3. Set up your device

    snap install <service>

Get started with EdgeX as snaps ›

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  • Detailed product overview
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