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Finserv open source solutions

Secure open source for financial services

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innovating on ubuntu with canonical

Drive business agility

A better multi-cloud strategy

Financial institutions need hybrid multi-cloud strategy - two public clouds and an efficient private cloud to increase business agility, manage risk, reduce total cost of ownership and keep up with the pace of digital transformation. Ubuntu is optimised on AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Oracle cloud providing seamless portability. For on-premise Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), the 451 Research Cloud Price Index shows Canonical delivers the best value.

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Find out why 60% of financial services turn to multi-cloud

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Faster innovation, lower cost

Second-source Linux with Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the leading cloud and container platform, and the best platform for devsecops, AI/ML and blockchain, with enterprise support and expanded security maintenance by Canonical.

Financial institutions choose Ubuntu to scale innovation and drive down open source operating costs.

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Better Kubernetes

EKS, AKS, GKE, VMware and bare metal

Canonical works with each major cloud provider to optimise their Kubernetes. All major providers choose Ubuntu, for seamless portability across clouds and on-premise infrastructure. Experience cloud-native operations without lock-in.

Read our whitepaper on five strategies to accelerate Kubernetes deployment in the enterprise.

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Reduce IT operations cost

Model driven operators

Canonical leads multi-cloud application management with the universal operator pattern to speed up operations and drive down the cost of integration.

The legacy application estate is an enormous cost burden for financial institutions. In addition, the need to containerize and move to the cloud creates a new wave of complexity for IT. Choose Canonical to address both, and transform the quality, cost and speed of software operations.

Finserv open source infrastructure powers hybrid cloud strategy

Financial institutions are embracing digital transformation initiatives at pace and scale. To stay relevant and create a technology foundation that enables them to quickly bounce back from future contingencies, financial institutions will need to leverage the right mix of cloud services – a hybrid cloud strategy with a cost effective open source private cloud infrastructure at the core to maximise application performance while on-boarding innovative new capabilities.

Watch the webinar for an overview of Charmed OpenStack - an enterprise grade OpenStack distribution from Canonical that leverages MAAS, Juju, and the OpenStack charmed operators to simplify the deployment and management of an OpenStack cloud.

Case study

SBI reduced infrastructure costs with Charmed OpenStack

Canonical's solution was a third of the price of the other proposals we'd received. The solution is also proving to be highly cost-effective, both from CAPEX and OPEX perspectives.

Georgi Georgiev, CIO at SBI BITS

Charmed OpenStack helped SBI Group reduce OpEx costs and optimise CapEx.

Read more in the case study

Case study

TIM maintains system security and client confidence with ESM

To ensure the ongoing security of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS machines, ESM provided TIM, the world's largest trade recommendations network, the freedom to upgrade within their own timeframe. This approach saved time and money for this finserv organisation.

Read more in the case study

Secure and compliant


Ubuntu meets certification requirements for the finance sector and is FIPS certified and CIS compliant, with 10 years security maintenance and support. Ubuntu ranks first for speed and quality of security fixes across the widest range of open source applications and infrastructure.

Redefine customer experience

Crisp, clean cloud-native innovation

Your software-defined success depends on productive developers. Get to market faster with innovative products and services on cloud-native technologies and Kubernetes. Kubernetes on Ubuntu gives you perfect portability across all infrastructures, from the data centre to the public cloud. Focus on your business while Canonical builds and manages your Kubernetes clusters.

Regain focus on business priorities

Managed apps, simplified

Canonical offers fully managed open source with a disruptive business model - priced per host or VM, not by the hour or per application. Maintain business focus and reduce costs, and offload the complexity of deploying and managing open source components to our specialist team.

Enhance business resilience

Data centre of the future

Future-proof your data centres for hybrid cloud and cloud-native applications. Ubuntu server brings economic and technical scalability to your data centre. Turn your data centre into a bare metal cloud with MAAS, an automated and optimised provisioning system for your production hardware.

Intelligent finance

Platform to power your AI/ML needs

Combat financial crime with the leading AI/ ML tools, powered by Ubuntu on-prem or on cloud. Radically reshape customer experience. Create industrial-scale machine learning processes with Kubeflow. With Ubuntu, you benefit from perfect multi-cloud portability of AI/ML workloads.

Increase developer productivity

Ubuntu workstations for engineering

An Ubuntu workstation is the professional developer’s preference. Highly secure, reliable and with low cost of ownership, Ubuntu workstations are widely adopted by application engineering teams at financial institutions.

Canonical provides 24x7 support and management tools for monitoring, managing, patching and compliance reporting on all your Ubuntu workstations.

Learn about Ubuntu Advantage

Software strategy acceleration

Trusted by executives. Loved by leaders.

The best developers choose Ubuntu.

The biggest pool of open source talent. The broadest range of tools. The community that counts.

One company stands behind it all - Canonical.

The experts in open source operations, from cloud to desktop to devices. The publishers of Ubuntu.

Get to market faster. Drive down IT costs. Accelerate innovation.

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