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Did you hear real-time Ubuntu is now generally available?

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Open source for telecoms

Carrier-grade solutions

Scale and complexity brings similar challenges, big or small. Hybrid cloud, public cloud, on-prem only large datacenter or highly distributed infrastructure - Canonical Open Source technology building blocks provide a unified approach to enabling Service Providers to meet any current or future use-cases, from OpenRAN, next generation Core (5G and beyond) or AI at the edge.

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Intro to open source private LTE ›

Trusted by leading service providers, globally

Open source private 5G and LTE networks

Use-cases, tools and technologies

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Infrastructure for CNF

Cloud-native network functions

Orchestrate your CNFs with Charmed Kubernetes on OpenStack, VMware, and bare metal.

We work with network function vendors to optimise Kubernetes and Ubuntu for telco specific workloads.

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Infrastructure for NFV

OpenStack engineered for best price-performance

Designed to be economical in every way.

Smart operations, optimal architecture, better pricing.

All of this to ensure TCO reduction of your cloud, while expanding your budget for innovation.

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Open source software in telco

With components like OpenRAN, Magma Core, Kamailio and others, you can build a fully functional open telecom network.

Canonical removes friction and complexity of the software lifecycle, with model-driven operations based on Juju Charms.

We stand behind these projects and provide up to 10 years of ESM support to infrastructure and open source software running on it.

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Micro clouds

The operations-friendly way to setup MEC sites

A modular stack built on datacenter primitives for resilience, scalability and autonomy.

Bare metal provisioning of any OS image and on-demand change site configuration with MAAS.

Lightweight virtual machines with bare-metal performance, negligible latency and increased security with LXD.

Low-ops, minimal production Kubernetes for workstations, clouds edge and IoT with MicroK8s.

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VNF onboarding, day 1 and day 2 operations with ETSI OSM

Accelerate your migration to NFV with Open Source MANO

OSM assists with network functions onboarding and orchestration in physical, virtual, containerised and hybrid environments, as required in modern telco networks.

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Learn how to build and orchestrate networks functions ›

Full stack, one price

Security, support and managed open source for enterprises with Ubuntu Advantage

Ubuntu Advantage is a single, per-node package of the most comprehensive enterprise security and support for open source infrastructure and applications, with managed service offerings available.

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Programs we are proud to be part of:

We're reinventing how we scale by becoming simpler and modular, similar to how applications have evolved in cloud data centres. Open source and OpenStack innovations represent a unique opportunity to meet these requirements and Canonical's cloud and open source expertise make them a good choice for AT&T.

Toby Ford, Assistant Vice President of Cloud Technology, Strategy and Planning at AT&T.

Canonical is providing us with the 'cloud-native' foundation that enables us to create a smart and fully converged network. Utilising open source and best-of-breed technologies will ensure we can deliver on our convergence vision, and enable a world-leading 5G and FTTP experience for our customers.

Neil J. McRae, BT Group Chief Architect.

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Innovate in telecommunications with Canonical

The experts in open source operations, from cloud to devices, are ready to help you on your journey.

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