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Managed private cloud

Cut your infrastructure costs with Managed OpenStack

Like a public cloud, but more cost-effective. Deployed and managed 24x7 exclusively for you.

Offload from your operations team and accelerate your time-to-market with Canonical's Managed OpenStack.

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Advancing on managed OpenStack

Why managed private cloud?

While public clouds provide immediate access to the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering, they are not economical in the long term and at scale. At the same time, implementing a private cloud comes with a cost.

What if:

  • Your public cloud costs are growing with a trajectory you cannot afford?
  • You have no knowledge and experience to deploy and operate a cost-effective private cloud yourself?
  • You do not have enough resources to provide 24x7 coverage for the platform hosting your business apps?
  • You need a quick time-to-market and have no time to hire and train a dedicated operations team?
  • You have no facilities to host a private cloud?

Canonical's Managed OpenStack solves all those challenges, providing the fastest and the most cost-effective path to an OpenStack private cloud.

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Analysts rate Managed OpenStack high

The decision whether to run applications in the public or private cloud should always be driven by economics. In the 451 Research analysis of cloud economics from 2017, Canonical's Managed OpenStack stands out for cost efficiency against VMware and other OpenStack distributions.

Key findings:

  • Private clouds should be run at very high density
  • Capacity planning is simplified with hybrid/multi-cloud
  • Hyper-converged architecture results in significant savings
  • Full automation of deployment and operations brings costs down
  • High availability architecture underpin production-grade SLAs
  • Lift-and-shift migration helps to move from VMware or other platforms

What is Managed OpenStack?

Managed OpenStack is a fully-managed service for Charmed OpenStack provided by Canonical. We build the cloud and we manage it for you. From 24x7 monitoring, through daily maintenance tasks to regular upgrades. We focus on your cloud, you focus on your business.

  • Maximum multi-cloud cost optimisation

    When your public cloud costs grow substantially, simply move the majority of your workloads to a private cloud. Managed OpenStack is a cost-effective extension to the public cloud infrastructure, providing the same level of service.

  • More economical up to 300 hosts

    Since you do not have to hire and train a dedicated operations team, Managed OpenStack is a more economical option in private cloud environments up to 300 nodes.

  • Transparent, predictable pricing

    $15 per host per day with no additional hidden costs. A fully transparent pricing model enables predictable budgeting. Everything is clear from day 0.

  • Offload your internal team

    The benefit of public clouds is the ability to focus exclusively on business apps and not the underlying infrastructure. Your private cloud should allow the same. With Managed OpenStack we focus on your cloud, while you focus on your business.

  • Accelerate your time-to-market

    Implementing private cloud infrastructure usually takes months. Managed OpenStack reduces this time to weeks. Simply move to market faster and let us take care of the rest.

  • On your premises or in a partner data centre

    With Managed OpenStack you get the flexibility of where the cloud gets deployed. If you do not have facilities to host the cloud, we can deploy it in one of our partners' data centres.

  • No lock-in

    Your team can monitor every machine in the cloud at any given time, and be trained to operate the cloud themselves. On request we transfer control of your cloud back to your organisation.

  • Scale on-demand

    We scale your cloud on demand. Just let us know that there are additional servers in the data centre. We will test the hardware remotely and expand your cloud - all with zero down time.

  • Upgrades included

    As OpenStack evolves, your private cloud can be upgraded to the latest version to benefit from new features and software updates. We provide fully automated OpenStack upgrades with minimal down time.

Download Managed OpenStack datasheet

Canonical's Managed OpenStack gave us instant access and all the benefits of a cloud platform with fixed, predictable and manageable cost comparable to public cloud. We have the assurance of a reliable, run by experts cloud platform and can grow and adapt it as we need.

Daniel Rylin, Head of IT Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions, Tele2

Performance, reliability, security

Private clouds have to be competitive with public cloud infrastructure, and they need to be fast, reliable and secure. Our experience with OpenStack at scale ensures that we deliver efficient, resilient and hardened private clouds – with production-grade service level agreements (SLAs).

  • Aggressive SLAs

    We guarantee 99.9% availability of the cloud. Our expertise, based on data from hundreds of clouds, underpins your SLA. Our operations are certified, with regular independent audits.

  • Carrier-grade private cloud

    Managed OpenStack is your fastest path to a modern telco cloud. We provide all necessary performance extensions to run mission-critical network services as required in 5G network use cases.

  • Full-stack support

    As the publisher of Ubuntu, we uniquely support the full stack. Complex issues in cloud infrastructure require analysis and fixes all the way down to the kernel. With us, there are no loose ends.

  • 10 years of security

    Not every organisation is willing to upgrade their cloud on a regular basis. With Managed OpenStack you stay secure for up to 10 years under Canonical's Expanded Security Maintenance (ESM) programme with no need to upgrade.

  • Hardening programmes

    Cloud hardening ensures the highest level of security in the telecom and financial sectors. Managed OpenStack provides cloud hardening programmes according to common benchmarks such as CIS.

  • Local regulatory compliance

    Included in the service pricing are local regulatory compliance programmes. Managed OpenStack is GDPR, CSEC and HIPAA compliant.

  • Interoperability

    Hardware specifications, software-defined networking (SDN) controllers, storage platforms. We provide you with the flexibility to integrate your desired functionality. We help you choose what fits your requirements to provide the best value for money.

  • Data protection

    A common challenge in the cloud is the data protection of your applications. Add TrilioVault backup and recovery for both data and metadata to improve resiliency and meet SLAs.

  • Observability stack

    Our team actively monitors the cloud 24x7, providing observability, alerting, capacity planning and continuous service checks to ensure your cloud is healthy and stays that way.

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Straightforward path to managed private cloud

Get Managed OpenStack in a few weeks with these five simple steps.

  1. Design

    Together, we design the cloud according to your needs.
    We guide you through the hardware specification process to maximise price-performance, and tailor cloud architecture to meet your capacity, workload, security, regulatory and integration requirements.

  2. Model

    Once the design step is completed, we translate all design decisions into a model that is reusable across various environments. Modeling guarantees repeatable deployments and enables integration with infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and continuous integration continuous delivery (CICD) systems.

  3. Deploy

    We deploy the cloud for you on your premises or in one of our partners' data centres. We validate it post-deployment and benchmark its performance. At the end, we provide you with the deployment guide which outlines all the steps required to re-deploy the cloud if needed.

  4. Operate

    After day-1, day-2 comes in. The cloud is managed 24x7 by our team of cloud experts. We provide cloud monitoring, incident and problem resolution and take care of daily maintenance tasks, including regular OpenStack upgrades. We also provide 24x7 commercial support, including security updates, bug fixes, etc.

  5. Transfer

    On request, we transfer control over your cloud back to your organisation. We train your personnel, make sure you are able to operate the cloud yourself moving forward and perform a formal handover process. We continue providing commercial support to make sure your cloud receives security updates and you receive help if needed.

Managed OpenStack pricing

$15 per server per day

What's included:

  • Logging, monitoring and alerting
  • 24x7 operations with fully staffed NOC
  • Proactive cloud management
  • Incident and problem resolution
  • Software updates and OpenStack upgrades
  • SLA and regular independent audits
  • Most cost-effective approach up to 300 nodes
  • Optional Managed Kubernetes service on top
  • EU and US regulatory compliance options

Modernise your infrastructure with Managed OpenStack

Canonical's Managed OpenStack brings your infrastructure costs down, while not putting an overhead on your internal operations team. Talk to one of our cloud experts to get cost estimates for Managed OpenStack and choose the package tailored to your needs.

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