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The Ubuntu Appliance portfolio

Free appliance images for your PC or Raspberry Pi

Make something great today

We've got just the thing for you

Transform a spare PC or Pi into a smart, secure, and ultra-simple box that does exactly what you want. Brilliantly.

Open or commercial. Enterprise or home. Entertainment. Automation. Gaming. Network. Storage. Fun. Play with something new today.

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Try before you Pi

Test drive safely on your laptop

Run a Virtual Ubuntu Appliance on any PC without affecting your existing system. Most appliances have a virtual version unless they depend on special hardware.

No need for a spare disk or board, just follow the steps and you'll be up and running in seconds. Virtual Ubuntu Appliances work on Ubuntu, Windows and macOS.

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App store easy

An app or two for extra foo

Upgrade your appliance with extra apps. Try a new autopilot. Enjoy the latest game. Each appliance starts with the essential stuff. Add the sauce you like.

Enjoy the same huge app selection as Ubuntu, or get a dedicated store with unique apps for your specific thing. Publishers curate the store you see.

Ubuntu Appliances get apps and updates from our global backbone, just like millions of Ubuntu workstations, devices, laptops and servers every day.

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Secure by design

Crisp. Clean. Carrier-grade. Core.

SecureBoot. Full disk encryption. Hardware crypto keys. An ironclad commitment to your peace of mind.

We toughened Ubuntu to harden these things. They bring their magic, we bring our mettle. Community or business-backed, both enjoy the same robust, secure Ubuntu Core.

Strict confinement and read-only packages keep bad code locked down. Certs and signatures for tamper-proof provenance. Full containerisation for no loose ends. And we've got your back on critical jobs with ten year updates guaranteed.

Learn about Ubuntu Core

Clear privacy policies

Every Ubuntu Appliance complies with EU data protection or California privacy law. Your personal data is precious. Your privacy even more so. Our mission is to defend them in this new world of ever-present sensor-driven software.

Voice-activated software and computer vision are amazing tools. We ensure those microphones and cameras only work for you.

Learn about your privacy protection ›

Enterprise-grade control

Define the flow of fixes across your whole estate.

Imagine a world where every firmware update was instantly available on any device. Imagine you could determine exactly when and where it rolled out. Imagine you knew the CVE status of everything you care about, everywhere, all the time.

That's the precision of every Ubuntu Appliance. Made for mission-critical. One dashboard, one practice, one process for your entire multi-vendor estate. With universal Ubuntu Core, your updates and security align from edge to cloud, no matter which hardware, no matter which brand.


Future proven

Stable. Beta. RC. Edge. Get future fixes faster.

Every piece of software on your Ubuntu Appliance is offered in a set of streams. These channels offer all the current builds and - if the publisher allows - early access versions too.

Set your appliance to preview channels for a taste of future change before it's fully done. Choose a safe canary box, and catch the issues there. Switch software streams at any time, for any system, anywhere.

Certified, Maintained or Experimental

Some appliances are serious things, and you want to know that Canonical will keep them reliable, year after year. Those are marked 'certified', and they get constant testing and security coverage.

Other appliances have a company to keep the updates coming, for at least a certain time. Those are tagged 'maintained' and you can always see the minimum time assured of maintenance.

And then there are the crazy things, the community things, the experimental things. Enjoy those, but don't get too attached. If enough people love them then they'll get maintenance commitments soon enough.


Community and Commercial

Our open source community appliances get all the updates, benefits and care that goes into our mission-critical customers. That's Ubuntu. That's Canonical.

Whatever your appliance interests, we hope you will join the Ubuntu Discourse and make yourself heard. Share your ideas with the community, discuss and design new appliances, join one of our teams or teach others how to make the most of something special.

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Confidently compatible

Choose your certified board or box

It takes a team to make this work. Canonical and appliance publishers, hardware vendors and open source communities work together to ensure your appliance is updated, safely, for years to come.

We test all the certified combinations of appliance image and device, every time we change the system, for a decade or more. You can relax and let Ubuntu Core keep you up to date year after year with the latest features and fixes, and never miss a beat.

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