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Enterprise MLOps solutions

Consulting, support, training and managed services for AI/ML at scale

Accelerate your artificial intelligence strategy with data science + infra + ops expertise, delivered by Canonical and trusted partners.

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Support for your ML stack

Fully supported machine learning, from day-0 to day-1500

24/7 support with guaranteed SLAs under Ubuntu Advantage.

Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure - Bare metal, OS, Kubernetes, OpenStack. Ubuntu Advantage for Applications - Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, Kubeflow and more.

Get your Ubuntu data science workstations supported from $25 per year.

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Kubeflow design & deployment consulting

Get Kubeflow right on top of any Kubernetes, no fuss

Off-load the complexity of Kubeflow design and deployment to Canonical’s engineers.

AKS, EKS, GKE, OpenShift, Rancher, Charmed Kubernetes or other CNCF conformant Kubernetes.

Enable portability for your AI workloads with multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud Kubeflow deployments.

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Enterprise MLOps training

4–days to success with machine learning on Kubeflow

Grow end-to-end machine learning knowledge within your team, with enterprise training by Canonical.

Align your sysadmins, devops, data engineers and data scientists with the latest MLOps solutions.

Any infra and level of expertise. Tailored to your use cases. Up to 15 attendees. 4-day on-premise training for $29.500.

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Easy Kubeflow operations

Charmed Kubeflow integrates the 30+ apps that make up Kubeflow with ops code to provide the best Kubeflow experience, from deployment to day-2 operations.

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Fully–managed Kubeflow

MLOps with guaranteed uptime for hyper-focused data science

Bring models to production fast, while off-loading the management of Kubeflow.

Canonical provides a hands-off Kubeflow experience, taking care of the infrastructure while your team focuses on orchestrating success for your business.

Available on any CNCF conformant Kubernetes, including AKS, EKS, GKE, OpenShift, Rancher and Charmed Kubernetes.

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Join our network of partners

Canonical partners with highly regarded data science specialist firms to better serve its customers on consulting engagements.

If your company delivers excellence in AI/ML solutions, join our trusted partners program and grow the scale of your business.

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