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Private cloud consulting

Accelerate your time-to-market with Private Cloud Build

Fixed-price OpenStack implementation. Private cloud consulting packages tailored to your needs.

Design an optimal OpenStack architecture from the economical standpoint and build your future-proof private cloud in weeks.

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Deployed openstack with Canonical

OpenStack implementation challenges

Designing an optimal architecture for OpenStack implementation that maximises price-performance requires expert knowledge and years of experience.

Here are some common questions one has to ask when implementing OpenStack:

  • How to configure the hardware to meet performance and capacity requirements, while not exceeding the budget?
  • Which OpenStack architecture to choose to maximise resource consumption and cost-efficiency of the cloud?
  • Which hypervisor, software-defined networking (SDN) and storage platform to choose?
  • How to design the cloud to meet local security and compliance regulations?
  • How to migrate the existing workloads from VMware or other cloud environments?

Canonical's private cloud consulting services solve all those challenges, providing a comprehensive implementation package for Charmed OpenStack at a fixed price.

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Number 1 platform for OpenStack implementation

Number 1 platform for OpenStack implementation

According to the OpenStack User Survey 2022 results, Ubuntu Server is the most popular operating system for OpenStack implementation. Ubuntu Server powers 48% of OpenStack clouds all over the world. It has been chosen as a platform for OpenStack implementation by leading companies in the telco, finance, hardware manufacturing, retail, automotive and healthcare sectors.

According to the OpenStack User Survey 2022 results, Ubuntu Server is the most popular operating system for OpenStack implementation. Ubuntu Server powers 48% of OpenStack clouds all over the world. It has been chosen as a platform for OpenStack implementation by leading companies in the telco, finance, hardware manufacturing, retail, automotive and healthcare sectors.

What is Private Cloud Build?

Private Cloud Build (PCB) and Private Cloud Build Plus (PCB Plus) are Canonical's private cloud consulting packages for Charmed OpenStack implementation. While PCB is a basic package for general-purpose private cloud deployment, PCB Plus offers more consulting time to evaluate and integrate a wider range of custom architectural possibilities.

  • Fixed-price packages

    Both PCB and PCB Plus are available at a fixed price. All costs are known since the early beginnings of the project. This makes service pricing transparent and enables predictable budgeting.

  • Workshops

    Both packages include a remote workshop for introductions, requirements gathering and architecture design.

  • Workload assessment

    During the workshop we assess your existing on-prem, VMware or public cloud workloads to ensure that the private cloud architecture we design meets the requirements of your applications.

  • OpenStack design

    Together, we design the cloud according to your needs. We help you make right decisions regarding cloud architecture, hardware configuration, SDN and storage options to make sure that the cloud we build meets your requirements.

  • OpenStack delivery

    We test your hardware, make sure the physical network is configured properly, build the cloud, validate it post-deployment, benchmark its performance and onboard your tenants.

  • Workloads migration

    We can optionally migrate your existing workloads to your new private cloud. We partner with market-leading companies that offer workloads migration with minimal downtime.

  • Repeatable artifacts

    At the end of the engagement we provide you with a detailed deployment guide that enables repeatable re-deployments of your private cloud and perform a formal handover process.

  • Day-2 automation

    With PCB, you are not left alone on day-2. Charmed OpenStack provides full automation around common day-2 maintenance tasks, including daily operations, scale-out capabilities, integration and OpenStack upgrades.

  • Optional training

    On request, we train your personnel to get them up to speed with your new private cloud. We provide comprehensive training courses that cover OpenStack architecture, implementation and operations.

Download PCB datasheet

Migrating our online charging system (OCS) application to the cloud will give us the base and agility we need in order to consistently offer best-in-class solutions for our customers. This selection [Private Cloud Build] was an obvious choice to enable us to scale our charging capabilities to a future-proofed private cloud platform.

Flavio Matiello, Head of PrePaid Platforms & OCS at Telefonica Brazil

Performance, reliability, security

  • Aggressive SLAs

    We guarantee 99.99% availability of the cloud. Our expertise, based on data from hundreds of clouds, underpins your SLA. Our operations are certified, with regular independent audits.

  • Carrier-grade private cloud

    Charmed OpenStack is your fastest path to a modern telco cloud. We provide all necessary performance extensions to run mission-critical network services as required in 5G network use cases.

  • Full-stack support

    As the publisher of Ubuntu, we uniquely support the full stack. Complex issues in cloud infrastructure require analysis and fixes all the way down to the kernel. With us, there are no loose ends.

  • 10 years of security

    Not every organisation is willing or able to upgrade their cloud on a regular basis. With Charmed OpenStack you stay secure for up to 10 years under Canonical’s Expanded Security Maintenance (ESM) programme with no need to upgrade.

  • Hardening programmes

    Cloud hardening ensures the highest level of security in the telecom and financial sectors. Charmed OpenStack provides cloud hardening programmes according to common benchmarks such as CIS.

  • Local regulatory compliance

    Included in the service pricing are local regulatory compliance programmes. Charmed OpenStack is GDPR, CSEC and HIPAA compliant.

  • Interoperability

    Hardware specifications, software-defined networking (SDN) controllers, storage platforms. We provide you with the flexibility to integrate your desired functionality. We help you choose what fits your requirements to provide the best value for money.

  • Data protection

    A common challenge in the cloud is the data protection of your applications. Add TrilioVault backup and recovery for both data and metadata to improve resiliency and meet SLAs.

  • Observability stack

    Our team actively monitors the cloud 24x7, providing observability, alerting, capacity planning and continuous service checks to ensure your cloud is healthy and stays that way.

Learn more about OpenStack support ›

Learn more about Managed OpenStack ›

Straightforward path to OpenStack implementation

Build an enterprise private cloud in a few weeks with these five simple steps.

  1. Design

    Together, we design the cloud according to your needs. We guide you through the hardware specification process to maximise price-performance and tailor cloud architecture to meet your capacity, workload, security, regulatory and integration requirements.

  2. Model

    Once the design step is completed, we translate all design decisions into a model that is reusable across various environments. Modeling guarantees repeatable deployments and enables integration with infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and continuous integration continuous delivery (CICD) systems.

  3. Deploy

    We deploy the cloud for you on your premises or in one of our partners’ data centres. We validate it post-deployment and benchmark its performance. At the end, we provide you with the deployment guide which outlines all the steps required to re-deploy the cloud if needed.

  4. Operate

    After day-1, day-2 comes in. The cloud can either be managed by you or by our team of cloud experts. In both cases we provide 24x7 commercial support, including security updates, phone and ticket support, local regulatory compliance programmes, etc.

  5. Transfer

    On request, we transfer control over your cloud back to your organisation. We train your personnel, make sure you are able to operate the cloud yourself moving forward and perform a formal handover process. We continue providing commercial support to make sure your cloud receives security updates and you receive help if needed.

Private Cloud Build pricing

Private Cloud Build

$85,000 fixed price

Design and deployment of a baseline OpenStack cloud based on the reference architecture.

What's included: *

  • Hardware guidance and sizing
  • Reference architecture
  • Simplified networking
  • Hyper-converged or Converged
  • Containerised control plane
  • Observability stack
  • Block and object storage
  • High availability

Design and delivery on certified hardware.

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Private Cloud Build Plus

$165,000 fixed price

Design and deployment of a carrier-grade, feature-rich OpenStack cloud based on a custom architecture.

What's included: *

Everything in Private Cloud Build, plus:

  • Custom architecture
  • Containerised or isolated control plane
  • Complex networking
  • LDAP or Active Directory integration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Encryption in flight and at rest
  • EPA tuning options
  • Block, object and file storage
  • Layer–7 load balancer
  • Secrets management

Workshops determine the optimal architecture for your workloads and integration requirements.

Migrate from VMware ›

* Additional features, functionality and integrations are available via add-ons

Build your OpenStack private cloud with Canonical

Canonical's Private Cloud Build accelerates your time-to-market, providing a comprehensive OpenStack implementation package at a fixed price. Talk to one of our cloud experts to optimise your hardware for price-performance and plan the migration from VMware or other cloud platforms.

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