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Ubuntu Masters:
the masters speak

Ubuntu Masters are IT practitioners who are driving revolutionary change in the corporate space. Watch videos from previous Ubuntu Masters speakers, featuring inspiring doers who are solving complex industry-wide challenges.

Ubuntu Masters 4: Innovating for the future

SQL Server on Kubernetes: the next frontier

Carlos Robles, Consultant, Slalom

Learn best practices, methods, and practical solutions to manage your SQL Server workloads on Kubernetes whether on-premises using MicroK8s or cloud services, like AKS. Use Kubernetes to perform near to zero downtime version upgrades, set up high availability, and accomplish agile database deployments.

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Industry 4.0 needs a complete automation solution

Benjamin Beisel, Embedded Software Engineer, Bosch Rexroth
Hans Michael Krause, Director Product Management ctrlX World

To fully benefit from Industry 4.0, boundaries between operational technology like machine controls, the IT world and IoT need to be overcome. This session will explain how Bosch Rexroth approaches this with its new complete automation solution ctrlX AUTOMATION which is based on Linux with real-time extension, open standards, app programming technology, web-based engineering, and a comprehensive IoT connection.

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Together We Sink or Swim: Plugging the BootHole

Daniel Kiper, Software Developer, Oracle
Jesse Michael, Principal Researcher, Eclypsium
Chris Coulson, Sr. Software Engineer, Canonical

In April 2020, a security vulnerability allowing arbitrary code execution was disclosed to the GRUB2 maintainers and several other parties. Although the code fix itself was simple, complications with both the UEFI Secure Boot implementation and ecosystem necessitated a complex, industry-wide mitigation effort.

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Ubuntu Masters 3: The community expands

Mastering multicloud with SLURM and Juju

Erik Lonroth, Tech Lead HPC & Open Source Forum Chairman

Erik Lönroth has been the technical manager for HPC data centres for about a decade now. During the session, he will go through the various components of an HPC cluster and how he utilises Juju and SLURM to achieve a flexible setup in multiple clouds.

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Streamlined provisioning of IoT devices

Giancarlo Fanelli, CTO & Andrea Rossali, Senior DevOps Engineer

Leading RMM provider Domotz explain why they chose to develop custom hardware based on Ubuntu Core OS to host their Agent software, and key decisions they made along the process.

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The open (source) road to smarter robots

Zachary Keeton, Yonder Group Lead
Plus One Robotics

As a startup around cloud-connected robots, Plus One Robotics needed a quick and cost-effective way to get to market. Learn how they did so leveraging open source offerings, including Ubuntu, Kubernetes, and full-stack JavaScript.

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Ubuntu Masters 2: The virtual conference

Scaling years of growth in one week

Building a high performance global internet edge using Ubuntu and open source

Rob Cameron, Technical Director, Cloud Services
Adam Mills, Principal Engineer

Hear how Roblox scaled years worth of traffic growth in just one week during a time when they needed to rapidly scale up to meet the needs of their users.

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An introduction to edge computing for computer vision and robotics

Sean Kelly, Senior Software Engineer

This is an introductory look at how distributed and edge computing has enhanced computer vision and sensor fusion workloads. Hear about system architecture design choices and practical examples for deployment.

Building the data centre: Implementing self-service for large scale operations

Joshua McClintock, MTS, Systems Design Engineering

Joshua talks about design considerations when implementing MAAS as the foundation of a bare metal self - service offering in a large enterprise, including examples in play.

Ubuntu Masters 1: The California launch

Extended BPF: A new way to understand software

Brendan Gregg, Netflix
Senior Performance Architect

BPF changes a long-standing model of operating systems, adding a new interface that exists in parallel to syscalls and is used by new kernel-mode applications. The result is optimal capacity planning, security analysis and performance wins.

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Scaling and delivering applications with high performance and low friction

Joe Sandoval, Adobe Ad Platform
Site Reliability Engineering Manager

How do you support a diverse infrastructure that spans six data centres, three continents and the public cloud? Adobe uses open-source technologies, including Ubuntu, Kubernetes and OpenStack, to craft a feature-rich platform that developers can build on to best serve their customers.

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Migration path to Linux container orchestration on Ubuntu

Rob Cameron, Roblox
Technical Director for Cloud Services

Roblox moved its game servers from Windows to Linux to reduce costs and create a better player experience. The work included the migration to containerised workloads (approximately 200k) in a very short timeframe. The infrastructure capabilities found with MAAS and Ubuntu with an updated kernel were two of the components that contributed to success as part of the path to full orchestration.

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